Dr Medical Mask


Dr. Medical Mask (face mask), a functional product for community health support from Le Thanh Construction and Trading Ltd. It is manufactured on the production line with modern and advanced technology, and also all automated phases from processing materials to packaging products.

Before taking to the customers, each of Dr. Medical Mask products must be sterilized and manufacture on a self-contained production line to meet strict requirements about safety hygiene and quality. Therefore, Dr. Medical Mask is proud of being a medical face mask with verified domestic standards and also meeting tight requirements from international markets so that it is eligible to export the product to European nations and the USA.

Dr. Medical Mask is made of safe, uncontaminated and non-allergic multi-fabric layers. This helps people prevent risks of being infectious from respiratory diseases.

Dr. Medical Mask is highly recommended by top medical specialists to use widely in medical fields and dusty environment for preventing the diseases caused by detrimental viruses and bacteria.



Dr Medical Mask – more than one medical care mask

It is the deep meaning behind every face mask with the brand of Dr Medical Mask. It is the desire to protect public health, join hands with the whole country in the fight against Covid-19 in particular, and respiratory diseases in general. Medical masks are made from “responsibility”. As a public health product of Le

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Do you know how to wear face mask properly?

As you know, wearing medical masks in public places is an effective measure recommended by leading experts to prevent respiratory diseases, especially acute respiratory infections caused by Covid-19 virus. However, do you really know how to use this kind of method? How to wear a medical mask properly? Only when used properly, medical masks can

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Are you using a Standardized medical face mask?

Medical experts have shown that the respiratory droplets are Covid-19’s way of transmission from person to person. And wearing a mask properly can help you limit the risk of exposure. However, in the middle of the current situation, are you sure the medical mask you are using is safe and qualified? Let Dr Medical Mask

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Differentiate kinds of current face masks

When respiratory diseases are a global obsession, medical face mask is the lifesaver to help you greatly reduce your unexpected risks. However, the current market is full of face masks, advertised as protecting you from viruses, including Covid-19. So, are all face masks the same model? Take a look at some popular face masks today

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