Nowaday on the market there are many brands of medical masks and there are also many different classified products: 3/4/5 layer masks, medical masks, activated carbon masks, 3D masks... So, how to choose a mask to protect the health of the whole family in the best way?

What are the different types of masks?

Representative Dr. Medical revealed, the most important factor when buying a medical mask is the material, as well as the specifications of the ingredients that make up the product. In particular, the feature of the mask is determined by the microfilter layer in the middle. This information is indicated by the manufacturer in the "ingredients" section of the product packaging.

The "standard" microfiltration layer must create a comfortable feeling for the wearer, without causing breathlessness. But at the same time, the structure of the filter layer must be enough to filter out extremely small dust particles and bacteria.

Each fabric used as a mask microfilter layer will have different outstanding features, forming different types of masks.

The antibacterial fabric layer has high antibacterial and dust filtration ability, high durability, and good filtration performance. Meanwhile, the layer of activated carbon filters bacteria dust and some chemicals and toxic gases that are harmful to health.

Silver nano cloth layer is capable of killing 99.96% of bacteria harmful to health (according to American standard AATCC:100 2019). Non-woven fabrics are water-resistant, preventing large particles.

Currently, the best quality and standard microfiltration layer for use in hospital environments is commonly referred to as antibacterial paper (meltblown.) The quality of meltblown layer is measured mainly by the ratio of antibacterial and efficiency. filter capacity.

3 or 4 layer masks?

Masks of 3 layers or more are recommended. At Dr. Medical, the brand combines two different fabrics in the core layer, forming a 4-layer mask to maximize health protection.

In particular, the 5-layer medical mask of Dr. Medical is a combination of two types of non-woven fabric and antibacterial microfilter paper inside the core layer, the antibacterial microfiltration paper layer in this product has an antibacterial rate of 99.96% and a filtration efficiency of over 98%. antibacterial effect, both capable of filtering dust and preventing droplets.

By this mask of Dr. Medical is currently receiving a lot of orders from partners providing supplies for pharmacies and hospitals. The product is capable of ensuring high safety in high-risk environments.

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Every day, 1 million masks Dr. Medical is manufactured to meet the needs of Vietnam and the world market.

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