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ABBW premium makeup remover cotton pads

Price: 14.000vnd ( 24 pieces/box)

Currently on the market there are many types of makeup remover suitable for each skin nature, for each location on the face. If you already own a makeup remover that is right for you, cotton pads also play an important role in removing daily makeup and cleaning all dirt on the skin. ABBW premium makeup remover cotton is a reliable choice for those of you who are looking for a makeup remover that meets all the requirements for beauty.

ABBW premium makeup remover cotton is made from selected natural cotton fibers, soft and gentle to the skin when used. The product helps you achieve a more natural makeup, or remove makeup easier and faster.   


(ABBW premium makeup remover cotton pads- 24 square pieces - 14.000 vnd/box)
(ABBW premium makeup remover cotton pads 80 pieces - 21.600 vnd/box)

(ABBW premium makeup remover cotton pads 100 pieces - 28.000 vnd/box)


Natural cotton - 100% cotton, premium quality ensures increased softness, gentleness for the skin when used.

Outstanding Features:

- Unique with bag-shaped Cotton membrane design.

- Do not ruffle, dust or leave cotton fibers on the face.

- Brings comfort and safety to the skin.

- The even texture helps to save makeup remover and rose water.

- Suitable for intensive cleansing and skin care needs.

User manual:

- When skin care: Apply rose water on cotton pad and then use.

- When removing makeup (there are 2 ways to remove makeup)

+ Use makeup remover solution to massage your face, then use a cotton pad to wipe it off.

+ Soak the makeup remover solution on the cotton, then use the cotton to wipe the skin areas that need to be removed.

*Note: Discontinue use if irritation occurs



Cool, dry place.

Avoid direct sunlight, high temperature or humidity.

Brand Origin: Vietnam


Expiry date: 4 years from date of manufacture

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