Are you using a Standardized medical face mask?

Medical experts have shown that the respiratory droplets are Covid-19’s way of transmission from person to person. And wearing a mask properly can help you limit the risk of exposure. However, in the middle of the current situation, are you sure the medical mask you are using is safe and qualified?

Let Dr Medical Mask give you some good tips to help you distinguish real medical masks from poor quality ones to protect your health as well as your family.

Help you understand medical masks better

Medical masks are made up from 3 to 4 layers including a microfiltration layer to help filter dust, pollen and bacteria. The outer surface of the mask which is usually dark made from a non-woven and waterproofed fabric. The innermost surface has a lighter color, not causing annoying ruffles, and has the effect of absorbing moisture and respiratory secretions from the user.

The microfiltration layer can be made from SMS antibacterial fabric (Spunbond + Meltblown + Spunbond Nonwovens) with high ability of dust filtration and good filtration performance, or also made from silver nano fabric that can kill more than 99% of harmful bacteria which harms people’s health.

When buying a mask, you need to carefully read the information about the manufacturer, barcode, batch number, manufacturing date, medical device standard announcement number, expiry date printed on the box to ensure quality masks.

Some ways to check for real and fake medical masks

Check out its appearance:

Poor quality masks have a rough, not soft, smooth, and uneven surface because they are sewn from fabric mixed with stone powder. Real medical masks will have a certain thickness, color and have a soft, smooth filter, insoluble feature when sinking in water.

Try holding the mask along and pulling it hard:

Because it is made from nonwoven fabric and has an extra layer of bacteria filter, standardized medical masks have good toughness and strength, even if they are pulled strongly, it is very difficult to be torn apart.

In contrast, fake masks are usually made from toilet paper, or other unknown sources, so they are easily torn out because of their non-standardization materials.

Soak the mask in water:

As mentioned above, medical masks are made from nonwoven fabrics that are not repellent in water and not ruffled. If you cut off the soaked mask, you will see the microfiltration layer floating in the middle and it is waterproofed, intact and not dissolved.

Meanwhile, poor quality masks will quickly become absorbent. The middle paper layer also quickly disintegrates because it is made from substandard paper.

With just a few simple steps, you will be able to differentiate qualified medical masks from poor quality ones. Be a smart consumer and wisely choose truly qualified products to protect yourself and those who around you against the spread of respiratory diseases.

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