Dr Medical Mask – more than one medical care mask

It is the deep meaning behind every face mask with the brand of Dr Medical Mask. It is the desire to protect public health, join hands with the whole country in the fight against Covid-19 in particular, and respiratory diseases in general.

Medical masks are made from “responsibility”.

As a public health product of Le Thanh Company, Dr Medical Mask does not profit on consumers’ fear when the pandemic broke out. Instead, Dr Medical Mask chose the certainty in investing, researching and manufacturing high quality of real mask products to accompany consumers in this war.

Dr Medical Mask understands that each of its high quality medical mask products will help protect the health of the users. Therefore, not only seriously investing in production lines, factory sterilization lights, specialized material sterilization rooms, labor sterilization rooms, Dr Medical Mask is also extremely thorough in the selection of materials, ensuring strict compliance with the double standards of safety, hygiene and product quality.

Each Dr Medical Mask branded is not only manufactured from safe and qualified materials with modern technology, fully automatic production, but also by responsibility for the health of themselves and workers, by consumers and by the community. As a result, the product is not only recommended by medical experts, able to meets domestic and international quality standards, but also satisfies the stringent requirements of the international market.

Its quality is recognized domestically and internationally

After a rigorous testing process, Dr Medical Mask is not only certified to meet domestic quality standards, but also is a medical mask product that is allowed to circulate in the European market, qualified for export to the US.

But beyond the recognition of that domestic and international market, the trust and feel of having peace of mind from users when using the Dr Medical Mask are truly the achievement and the proud reward for the efforts and dedication of Dr Medical Mask.

While the battle against Covid-19 is still challenging, Dr Medical Mask is committed to always accompanying you. Dr Medical Mask serves you with high quality medical masks. You wear a mask properly and take preventive measures seriously. We will definitely win this tough war together.

Medical face mask – frail border between “Weapon” and “The Risk”

When Covid-19 broke out around the world, we all knew that the proper way of wearing medical masks was one of the most essential measures to prevent disease. But sadly, if it is not about buying wrong masks with low quality, we must also accept to buy masks at the price many times higher, or even we cannot. Why is that?

Run business and take advantage of human fear to create profit

That is definitely a sad reality. Some businesses, who took advantage of people in confusion and fear when the pandemic broke out, quickly brought to the market with masks made of lowly qualified paper, or even from toilet paper. These masks, not only completely do not have functions in filtering dust, antibacterial effect, but also have potential risks to infect human health, especially respiratory diseases.

Sometimes we read information about a manufacturer, with millions of masks waiting to approach consumers, whether they are used or poorly qualified products. So, how many other establishments out there also do the same unrighteous business? And how many masks that are “preventive weapons” are recognized and recommended by medical organizations around the world are “transformed” into “threats” floating in the market?

Especially in the early months of 2020, when the new Covid-19 took place, the price of medical masks increases dramatically. From 50,000 VND / box, the price has suddenly increased to more than 500,000 VND / box. And even if we accept a price that is dozens of times higher than that, no matter how we looked around convenience stores and pharmacies, we could not find any medical mask. The familiar reason is always: “out of masks, please don’t ask”!

However, when the authorities checked in number of pharmacies around the country, they discovered thousands of medical masks in storage. They “hid” the goods, “kept” the goods, made the masks scarce to buy, and then sold them at extremely high retail prices. These are really unacceptable with such mercenary acts, especially in this difficult time when the pandemic is raging and threatening the lives of millions of people around the world.

There are still prestigious businesses, sharing hearts to the others

Besides the “bad” businesses as above, there are still many reputable medical mask manufacturers that attach great importance to the quality and health of users, like Dr Medical Mask. With large-scale production capacity and proactively raw materials, the enterprise is able to meet the needs of using face masks from people.

Also, while masks became a rare commodity, social networking sites were constantly updating with beautiful pictures: a table with lots of masks, and a sign full of humanity: “free masks”. An image contrasts sharply with stockpiles of thousands of pieces but they are not for sale!

The Covid-19 war is still long. We need to be calm and wise, choose reputable brands as well as update the basic knowledge to distinguish real and fake medical masks. When detecting manufacture and trading establishments delivering poor-quality masks, or increasing the price of masks for profit, we need to immediately report to the authorities. It is not only a way to protect ourselves, to protect the community, but also to give us an advantage in our fight against Covid-19.

Do you know how to wear face mask properly?

As you know, wearing medical masks in public places is an effective measure recommended by leading experts to prevent respiratory diseases, especially acute respiratory infections caused by Covid-19 virus. However, do you really know how to use this kind of method?

How to wear a medical mask properly?

Only when used properly, medical masks can bring into play their best preventive effects. To be sure, you can consult the specific guidelines recommended by the World Health Organization and the Ministry of Health below:

1. If you pay attention to its appearance, you will notice that masks usually have two sides with two different colors, one dark and one lighter. When wearing it, you must wear the dark side out with the metal clip facing up, absolutely should not wear as the opposite way.

2. Adjust the metal bar to fit the bridge of your nose, making sure the mask is close to your face.

3. When you wear mask, you must cover your nose and mouth.

4. Absolutely do not touch the surface of the mask while wearing.

5. All medical masks are currently used only once, not reuse dirty masks.

Note when removing the mask:

1. Do not touch the outside of the mask, just hold the strap and remove the mask.

2. Place used masks in a sealed bag if available or in a safe, covered trash can.

3. Wash your hands with soap or an antiseptic solution containing at least 60% of alcoholic component after removing it.

Some other notes:

1. Replace dirty mask by a brand new one after use.

2. Wash hands before wearing the mask to ensure the best preventive effect.

3. Never take off or pull down the mask when communicating, coughing, sneezing, or socializing in the public.

When do you need to wear a medical mask?

According to the Ministry of Health recommends, you should wear a medical mask in the following cases to prevent the risk of exposure to respiratory diseases:

1. Use a mask in the public places, including on public transportations, and in crowded places.

2. Wear medical mask when you go the doctor, take treatment, do check-ups in medical institutes.

3. During taking care or contacting with the patient with symptoms such as cough, runny nose, difficult breath, you must wear mask to protect yourself.

Apart from wearing a medical mask, you also need to seriously take other precautions such as frequently washing hands with soap, not spitting indiscriminately, regularly cleaning the surrounding environment and contacting surfaces such as doorknobs, stairs, etc. Please protect yourself well to contribute in the fight against the current pandemic – Covid-19.

Are you using a Standardized medical face mask?

Medical experts have shown that the respiratory droplets are Covid-19’s way of transmission from person to person. And wearing a mask properly can help you limit the risk of exposure. However, in the middle of the current situation, are you sure the medical mask you are using is safe and qualified?

Let Dr Medical Mask give you some good tips to help you distinguish real medical masks from poor quality ones to protect your health as well as your family.

Help you understand medical masks better

Medical masks are made up from 3 to 4 layers including a microfiltration layer to help filter dust, pollen and bacteria. The outer surface of the mask which is usually dark made from a non-woven and waterproofed fabric. The innermost surface has a lighter color, not causing annoying ruffles, and has the effect of absorbing moisture and respiratory secretions from the user.

The microfiltration layer can be made from SMS antibacterial fabric (Spunbond + Meltblown + Spunbond Nonwovens) with high ability of dust filtration and good filtration performance, or also made from silver nano fabric that can kill more than 99% of harmful bacteria which harms people’s health.

When buying a mask, you need to carefully read the information about the manufacturer, barcode, batch number, manufacturing date, medical device standard announcement number, expiry date printed on the box to ensure quality masks.

Some ways to check for real and fake medical masks

Check out its appearance:

Poor quality masks have a rough, not soft, smooth, and uneven surface because they are sewn from fabric mixed with stone powder. Real medical masks will have a certain thickness, color and have a soft, smooth filter, insoluble feature when sinking in water.

Try holding the mask along and pulling it hard:

Because it is made from nonwoven fabric and has an extra layer of bacteria filter, standardized medical masks have good toughness and strength, even if they are pulled strongly, it is very difficult to be torn apart.

In contrast, fake masks are usually made from toilet paper, or other unknown sources, so they are easily torn out because of their non-standardization materials.

Soak the mask in water:

As mentioned above, medical masks are made from nonwoven fabrics that are not repellent in water and not ruffled. If you cut off the soaked mask, you will see the microfiltration layer floating in the middle and it is waterproofed, intact and not dissolved.

Meanwhile, poor quality masks will quickly become absorbent. The middle paper layer also quickly disintegrates because it is made from substandard paper.

With just a few simple steps, you will be able to differentiate qualified medical masks from poor quality ones. Be a smart consumer and wisely choose truly qualified products to protect yourself and those who around you against the spread of respiratory diseases.

Differentiate kinds of current face masks

When respiratory diseases are a global obsession, medical face mask is the lifesaver to help you greatly reduce your unexpected risks. However, the current market is full of face masks, advertised as protecting you from viruses, including Covid-19. So, are all face masks the same model?

Take a look at some popular face masks today

Medical face mask:

This is a popular kind of mask, with a 3 – 4 layered construction with pleats, a nose splint, and a pair of straps. In particular, the outer face of the mask is bold and waterproofed. The inside surface has a lighter color, with the effect of absorbing moisture and absorbing the user’s respiratory secretions. Medical masks are capable of preventing more than 80% of dust, pollen and bacteria from the environment.

N95 respirator:

This kind is capable of filtering more than 95% of dust particles and bacteria. N95 is also rated as the best protection type. The downside of this mask is that the price is quite high, and it can make users feel breathless when first used.

Antibacterial – splash resistant fabric mask:

Being called for short as “870 face mask” and manufactured according to the National Standard TCVN 8389-1: 2010. This is a mask that has at least 3 layers with a water-resistant outer layer as well as respiratory drops prevention. The following layers are the filter and antibacterial layers. The antibacterial layer is usually an antibacterial, nano silver or activated carbon fabric.

Paper face mask:

Its appearance is quite similar to medical masks, so it often causes confusion for customers, but paper face masks do not have a microfiltration layer. Therefore, this type of mask only filters out coarse dust particles, and absolutely no antibacterial effect.

Which type of mask should you use to prevent the risk of disease infection?

According to medical experts, the respiratory shot is the way of Covid-19 transmission from person to person. Therefore, masks that have antibacterial, anti-droplet respiratory effects such as medical masks, N95 or 870 masks are the most suitable options to limit the spread of respiratory diseases.

When choosing a mask, you should pay attention to reputable brands certified for the user’s safety such as Dr. Medical Mask. Please do not use masks from unknown origin in order to protect yourself against epidemics.

You should also take note: wearing a mask is only one of the preventive measures to limit the spread of respiratory diseases. You also need to assure to follow all recommended measures, such as frequently hand washing with soap or using an antiseptic solution with at least 60% alcoholic element, and wearing a mask properly to protect yourself and the community.