Differentiate kinds of current face masks

When respiratory diseases are a global obsession, medical face mask is the lifesaver to help you greatly reduce your unexpected risks. However, the current market is full of face masks, advertised as protecting you from viruses, including Covid-19. So, are all face masks the same model?

Take a look at some popular face masks today

Medical face mask:

This is a popular kind of mask, with a 3 – 4 layered construction with pleats, a nose splint, and a pair of straps. In particular, the outer face of the mask is bold and waterproofed. The inside surface has a lighter color, with the effect of absorbing moisture and absorbing the user’s respiratory secretions. Medical masks are capable of preventing more than 80% of dust, pollen and bacteria from the environment.

N95 respirator:

This kind is capable of filtering more than 95% of dust particles and bacteria. N95 is also rated as the best protection type. The downside of this mask is that the price is quite high, and it can make users feel breathless when first used.

Antibacterial – splash resistant fabric mask:

Being called for short as “870 face mask” and manufactured according to the National Standard TCVN 8389-1: 2010. This is a mask that has at least 3 layers with a water-resistant outer layer as well as respiratory drops prevention. The following layers are the filter and antibacterial layers. The antibacterial layer is usually an antibacterial, nano silver or activated carbon fabric.

Paper face mask:

Its appearance is quite similar to medical masks, so it often causes confusion for customers, but paper face masks do not have a microfiltration layer. Therefore, this type of mask only filters out coarse dust particles, and absolutely no antibacterial effect.

Which type of mask should you use to prevent the risk of disease infection?

According to medical experts, the respiratory shot is the way of Covid-19 transmission from person to person. Therefore, masks that have antibacterial, anti-droplet respiratory effects such as medical masks, N95 or 870 masks are the most suitable options to limit the spread of respiratory diseases.

When choosing a mask, you should pay attention to reputable brands certified for the user’s safety such as Dr. Medical Mask. Please do not use masks from unknown origin in order to protect yourself against epidemics.

You should also take note: wearing a mask is only one of the preventive measures to limit the spread of respiratory diseases. You also need to assure to follow all recommended measures, such as frequently hand washing with soap or using an antiseptic solution with at least 60% alcoholic element, and wearing a mask properly to protect yourself and the community.

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