Do you know how to wear face mask properly?

As you know, wearing medical masks in public places is an effective measure recommended by leading experts to prevent respiratory diseases, especially acute respiratory infections caused by Covid-19 virus. However, do you really know how to use this kind of method?

How to wear a medical mask properly?

Only when used properly, medical masks can bring into play their best preventive effects. To be sure, you can consult the specific guidelines recommended by the World Health Organization and the Ministry of Health below:

1. If you pay attention to its appearance, you will notice that masks usually have two sides with two different colors, one dark and one lighter. When wearing it, you must wear the dark side out with the metal clip facing up, absolutely should not wear as the opposite way.

2. Adjust the metal bar to fit the bridge of your nose, making sure the mask is close to your face.

3. When you wear mask, you must cover your nose and mouth.

4. Absolutely do not touch the surface of the mask while wearing.

5. All medical masks are currently used only once, not reuse dirty masks.

Note when removing the mask:

1. Do not touch the outside of the mask, just hold the strap and remove the mask.

2. Place used masks in a sealed bag if available or in a safe, covered trash can.

3. Wash your hands with soap or an antiseptic solution containing at least 60% of alcoholic component after removing it.

Some other notes:

1. Replace dirty mask by a brand new one after use.

2. Wash hands before wearing the mask to ensure the best preventive effect.

3. Never take off or pull down the mask when communicating, coughing, sneezing, or socializing in the public.

When do you need to wear a medical mask?

According to the Ministry of Health recommends, you should wear a medical mask in the following cases to prevent the risk of exposure to respiratory diseases:

1. Use a mask in the public places, including on public transportations, and in crowded places.

2. Wear medical mask when you go the doctor, take treatment, do check-ups in medical institutes.

3. During taking care or contacting with the patient with symptoms such as cough, runny nose, difficult breath, you must wear mask to protect yourself.

Apart from wearing a medical mask, you also need to seriously take other precautions such as frequently washing hands with soap, not spitting indiscriminately, regularly cleaning the surrounding environment and contacting surfaces such as doorknobs, stairs, etc. Please protect yourself well to contribute in the fight against the current pandemic – Covid-19.

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