Dr Medical Mask – more than one medical care mask

It is the deep meaning behind every face mask with the brand of Dr Medical Mask. It is the desire to protect public health, join hands with the whole country in the fight against Covid-19 in particular, and respiratory diseases in general.

Medical masks are made from “responsibility”.

As a public health product of Le Thanh Company, Dr Medical Mask does not profit on consumers’ fear when the pandemic broke out. Instead, Dr Medical Mask chose the certainty in investing, researching and manufacturing high quality of real mask products to accompany consumers in this war.

Dr Medical Mask understands that each of its high quality medical mask products will help protect the health of the users. Therefore, not only seriously investing in production lines, factory sterilization lights, specialized material sterilization rooms, labor sterilization rooms, Dr Medical Mask is also extremely thorough in the selection of materials, ensuring strict compliance with the double standards of safety, hygiene and product quality.

Each Dr Medical Mask branded is not only manufactured from safe and qualified materials with modern technology, fully automatic production, but also by responsibility for the health of themselves and workers, by consumers and by the community. As a result, the product is not only recommended by medical experts, able to meets domestic and international quality standards, but also satisfies the stringent requirements of the international market.

Its quality is recognized domestically and internationally

After a rigorous testing process, Dr Medical Mask is not only certified to meet domestic quality standards, but also is a medical mask product that is allowed to circulate in the European market, qualified for export to the US.

But beyond the recognition of that domestic and international market, the trust and feel of having peace of mind from users when using the Dr Medical Mask are truly the achievement and the proud reward for the efforts and dedication of Dr Medical Mask.

While the battle against Covid-19 is still challenging, Dr Medical Mask is committed to always accompanying you. Dr Medical Mask serves you with high quality medical masks. You wear a mask properly and take preventive measures seriously. We will definitely win this tough war together.

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