Currently, the pollution situation in our country is becoming more and more complicated, moreover, the epidemic situation caused by covid-19 and airborne diseases is becoming more and more complicated. An essential item for everyone when traveling on the street. However, many people are concerned about the situation of poor quality fake medical masks that are not safe. So how to distinguish real masks, Let's Dr. Medical Mask learns how to distinguish fake and real medical masks you need to know, avoid being cheated!

Method 1: Soak in water

Cách 1: Ngâm nước

The simplest way is to just soak the mask in water. If it is a real medical mask, there will be very little water absorbed or may not be at all, because the surface of the real mask is very smooth and not easily ruffled. And fake medical masks will immediately absorb a lot of water and be easily ruffled.

Method 2: See the inside of the mask

Cách 2: Xem bên trong của chiếc khẩu trang

Use your hands to tear the mask in half, the real mask is difficult to tear, and the fake mask can be torn off easily.

You can also check by tearing the medical mask that has been soaked in water. If the mask is real, it will be a very smooth, waterproof layer of intact paper that helps the mask to filter dirt. As for the fake mask, the paper layer will fall apart

Note when buying medical masks

To buy a quality mask, avoid buying poor quality masks, fake goods, and fake goods, you should pay attention to a few things:

Buy masks at a drugstore, large grocery store, supermarket or shopping mall to ensure origin. Do not buy products that are sold along the sidewalk.

When buying you should carefully check the information printed on the box including the brand, place of manufacture, ingredients, expiry date.

For masks of clear origin, it is necessary to check the seal on the box or check the QR Code to quickly grasp the origin and quality standards of the product.

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