Dr. Medical Mask factory is equipped with advanced and modern technology applying on automated and self-contained production line. The factory is up to 1000 sq meters in area and equipped with 15 machines which can make 1 million products per day. Also, it has quality management system verified by ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 13485:2016.

To ensure products are kept in safety hygiene and good quality, the factory is equipped with an entire sterilizing light system. The UV lights will be activated to sterilize the whole workplace after each working shift.

Qualifying and classifying carefully, the materials will be sterilized in a specialized sterilization room. All of them used for manufacturing face mask will be processed here within 45 minutes.

After that, the materials will be processed by modern machine system. All phases from processing, cutting and sewing materials to packing products are fully automated.

Thanks to modern production technology, the human’s contact on the products will be reduced at the lowest level. Dr. Medical Mask is verified to be safe for users and eligible for exports to European and American markets over strict requirements about its quality and safety to customers.