Medical face mask – frail border between “Weapon” and “The Risk”

When Covid-19 broke out around the world, we all knew that the proper way of wearing medical masks was one of the most essential measures to prevent disease. But sadly, if it is not about buying wrong masks with low quality, we must also accept to buy masks at the price many times higher, or even we cannot. Why is that?

Run business and take advantage of human fear to create profit

That is definitely a sad reality. Some businesses, who took advantage of people in confusion and fear when the pandemic broke out, quickly brought to the market with masks made of lowly qualified paper, or even from toilet paper. These masks, not only completely do not have functions in filtering dust, antibacterial effect, but also have potential risks to infect human health, especially respiratory diseases.

Sometimes we read information about a manufacturer, with millions of masks waiting to approach consumers, whether they are used or poorly qualified products. So, how many other establishments out there also do the same unrighteous business? And how many masks that are “preventive weapons” are recognized and recommended by medical organizations around the world are “transformed” into “threats” floating in the market?

Especially in the early months of 2020, when the new Covid-19 took place, the price of medical masks increases dramatically. From 50,000 VND / box, the price has suddenly increased to more than 500,000 VND / box. And even if we accept a price that is dozens of times higher than that, no matter how we looked around convenience stores and pharmacies, we could not find any medical mask. The familiar reason is always: “out of masks, please don’t ask”!

However, when the authorities checked in number of pharmacies around the country, they discovered thousands of medical masks in storage. They “hid” the goods, “kept” the goods, made the masks scarce to buy, and then sold them at extremely high retail prices. These are really unacceptable with such mercenary acts, especially in this difficult time when the pandemic is raging and threatening the lives of millions of people around the world.

There are still prestigious businesses, sharing hearts to the others

Besides the “bad” businesses as above, there are still many reputable medical mask manufacturers that attach great importance to the quality and health of users, like Dr Medical Mask. With large-scale production capacity and proactively raw materials, the enterprise is able to meet the needs of using face masks from people.

Also, while masks became a rare commodity, social networking sites were constantly updating with beautiful pictures: a table with lots of masks, and a sign full of humanity: “free masks”. An image contrasts sharply with stockpiles of thousands of pieces but they are not for sale!

The Covid-19 war is still long. We need to be calm and wise, choose reputable brands as well as update the basic knowledge to distinguish real and fake medical masks. When detecting manufacture and trading establishments delivering poor-quality masks, or increasing the price of masks for profit, we need to immediately report to the authorities. It is not only a way to protect ourselves, to protect the community, but also to give us an advantage in our fight against Covid-19.

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