The Dr. Medical Mask factory not only applies manufacturing process with modern automation technology to meet safety hygiene and product quality, but also adapts advanced management system verified by international standardizations globally.

Dr. Medical Mask is proud of being verified for quality standards inside and outside the country, safe for customers and suitable with strict requirements of use in European nations and the USA.


1. ISO 9001:2015: International Standardization of Quality Management System, has value over the globe.
2. ISO 13485:2016: Standardization of Management System applying in manufacturing – trading medical facilities.
3. TCVN 8389-1:2010: National Standardization for verifying general medical face mask used in medical departments.
4. CE (Conformité Européenne): the product meet all requirements from EU and can circulate in Europe markets
5. FDA (the Food and Drud Administration): the product is suitable with all requirements and standards under American verification, and is allowed to import to the American domestic markets.