Quality standards

Not only applying the production process with modern automatic technology, meeting the double standards of safety and hygiene and product quality, the Dr Medical Mask factory also applies an advanced management system according to the standards. International standards are widely used around the world. Dr Medical Mask products are proud to be certified to meet domestic and international quality standards, safe for users and in line with the strict standards and requirements of European and American countries. .

1. ISO 9001:2015: International Standard for Quality Management Systems, valid on a global scale

2. ISO 13485:2016: Standard on management systems applied in the field of manufacturing and trading in medical instruments and supplies

3. Standard TCVN 8389-1:2010: National standard for ordinary medical masks - medical masks used in medical facilities.

4. European CE export certificate: The product meets all the appropriate requirements of the European Union EU and is allowed to circulate in the European market.

5. US FDA export certificate: The product conforms to all US requirements and standards, and is allowed to be imported into the US market.

6. FDA Certification (PDF)