Wearing mask is an important way to protect children and families during the current pandemic. However, how to wear a mask for children correctly, Dr. Medical Mask shares some points on this issue:

1. Should Kids wear mask?

Children under 2 years old SHOULD wear a mask, especially in areas where the disease is widespread or when in close contact with others.

Children should wear masks when going out to reduce the amount of smoke and dust when living in big cities, many vehicles or living near industrial zones. In addition, masks also contribute to helping children fight the harmful effects of hot sun, which is the cause of skin burns and other skin-related diseases.

However, parents need to pay attention to the safety and psychophysiology of children when letting them wear masks. It is necessary to instruct children on how to wear masks properly and timely support children when dealing with arising situations of masks.


2. Should kids wear masks while doing sports?

Children should not wear masks while doing sports or physical activities such as jogging, high jumping or playing outdoor sports, it will affect their breathing.

When organizing activities, we must ensure health and safety standards: distance between children, limit the number of children, provide hand hygiene services and instruct children to use them.

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3. Should we use the face shield for kids instead the medical mask?

Some children cannot wear masks or in special situations like in pronunciation class where the teacher needs to see the child's mouth shape. In these situations, face shields may be considered as an alternative, but masks are not as effective at protecting children from viruses from infected people.

The face shields should cover the entire face and below the chin. Be careful in case the face shield can break and hurt your child's face and eyes.

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4. Should choose cloth masks or medical masks for children?

Medical masks or cloth masks each have their own advantages and disadvantages. However, in many evidences and recommendations of the Ministry of Health, medical masks are the most preferred type of masks by consumers. Because it brings more benefits and safety for users. Specifically like:

- Medical masks are manufactured according to the national standard TCVN 8389:2010 for medical mask products.

- Products are manufactured on modern lines, with a tight design, absolute respiratory protection.

- Diverse in models, suitable for all ages and trendy.

- The production unit of a reputable brand has a clear origin and has a certificate of the Ministry of Health.

- The price is suitable for all types of customers.

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5. What are the criteria for choosing medical masks for children?

To choose a medical wearable brand in today's market is not difficult. However, we should consider carefully to be able to choose to buy quality products to protect the safety of ourselves and those around us. So, which mask brand is standard and trusted in the market today?

One of the most trusted brands today is Dr. Medical Mask belongs to Le Thanh company. With experts with more than 10 years of experience in the field of masks and cotton pads, Dr. Medical Mask always focuses on each product, which is carefully invested and regularly checked for quality. Designs always improve creativity, suitable for the needs of all ages.